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Cebulea Skin Whitening ExpertiseNow you can make your own skin lightening lotions, creams, ointments and soaps that are fresher more effective and less expensive. With free instructions, conversion guides and lifetime support, with any kojic acid powder purchase!

All you really need is a teaspoon measure and your favorite lotion/cream.

EXTRA! EXTRA! WE buy in bulk" and always have EXTRA fresh kojic acid powder to sell due to our buying "55 to 220 lbs" at a time . Freshest, lowest cost highest quality USA source, GUARANTEED! You found it! Long term buyers wanted. Try one of our sizes HERE and see for yourself that you have found the best source for your future needs.

"50% off KOJIC ACID POWDER" + learn to make lotions, creams, soaps, ointments & tinctures from SCRATCH in our "MEMBER'S AREA" (coming soon)

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