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Cebulea Skin Whitening ExpertiseHi, I am Lea from Cebu, Philippines. I am in my early 30’s now and have lived in the USA for over 12 years. When I was growing up in the Philippines I developed knowledge of natural skin care products formulation.

Our family business in the Philippines has now moved to the USA, where I have family in Washington, South Dakota and Tennessee. All are RVers and own Nomad Wholesale. They make custom Natural Skin Care Products recipes to sell nationwide. I act as the online distributor for my custom recipes that they manufacture from my formulas for me.

I adhere to my learned guidelines of using only the fewest complimenting natural ingredients to achieve the maximum benefit. We formulate products using the fewest ingredients that are simple but enhance targeting a skin care issue. Our natural skin care products consist only of 100% natural ingredients that do not contain anything that takes away from nature’s benefits.

We are now opening a member’s area that teaches how to make your own skin care products, included skin whitening lotions, creams and soaps. I knew a person in the Philippines that would come to your home and teach how to make kojic acid soap and charged over a $150 for the one day session. That is a lot of money for anyone there. But the knowledge to produce skin whitening products is very profitable and he stayed very busy!

Our member’s area will teach what he did and much more with new recipes and guides being added continually. Plus the member’s only contact form goes straight to me and I will be there to answer questions you may have at anytime not just one day and my membership will cost much less.

Kojic Acid Soap

You will have a hard time finding a more pure and beneficial natural skin care product than what our pure recipes are. When you put something on your skin everyday you should know what is in it. Now you can! Buy from our website or better yet join our membership and save when you make your own from natural ingredients which most can be found locally.

In Asian countries it is very popular to achieve a lighter skin tone to feel more beautiful.

Now Exclusively Available in the USA

Since I have been selling in the USA I have found that most Asian countries people are searching for the same products that they used before for skin whitening. I have customers from India, Vietnam, Philippines, etc that have come to live in the USA. But find that skin whitening products are not as popular as they were in their home countries, and so not as easy to find here in the USA.

I find it is due to being quite the opposite here in the USA as lighter skin toned Americans seem to work at getting a darker skin tone.

Optimized Chamomile Kojic Lotion
Optimized Chamomile Kojic Lotion

But, I do have many lighter skinned customers here in USA also. Due to years of sun exposure that causes skin damage kojic acid is very good at evening out damaged skin tones due to laying in the sun. Kojic acid also will work on blending in freckles, age spots, Liver spots, scars and is reported to be one of the best acne remedies.

As for very dark skin tone complexions I have African American customers that rave about how their skin tone has evened out and become more and more like a babies skin. They have said that the longer they use kojic acid the more it reverses the aging process, making darker areas and smaller dark spots blend into a lighter tone like when they were younger.

Don’t consider skin whitening without the FACTS! And no need to search for hours, you can read the following pages for a good overview of SKIN WHITENING / BLEACHING. Buy our “kojic acid powder” to add to your own favorite lotions or use our pre-mixed all natural skin care products that are formulated to enhance skin whitening and lessen dark spots.

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