Aging Skin What are the Causes and How to Slow the Effects

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Intrinsic (internal) Skin

Aging skin what are the causes you ask? Aging skin is a natural process, so naturally, our biological genes determine how each person goes through the aging process. It is due to our body’s internal time clock when some organs slow down in producing enzymes & vitamins that our other organs need to perform properly. For some, aging skin can set on earlier than the majority and the lucky few can look great through their 40’s and even into their 70’s. But internal signs of aging skin begin to appear on average in the mid-20s and that can be changed!

As one grows older, the skin’s ability to snap back to shape (elasticity) starts to decrease. That is because skin cells do not regenerate as fast as they used to – resulting in tougher, older skin. Although internal aging begins in one’s 20s, the typical signs of wrinkles and sagging skin do not appear until a couple of decades more.

Other signs that indicate why skin ages are thinning, loss of firmness, dryness, and reduction of sweat production that prevents proper cooling of the body.

Extrinsic (external) Aging Skin

aging skinFactors outside one’s own genes accelerate skin aging. Lifestyles and habits carry more impact on aging skin more prematurely in the individual’s lifetime.

There are many reasons why skin ages and there are just as many ways to counter the aging skin effects.¬† It has always been the pursuit of many to keep their youthful looks, even at great costs. And in this day and age, the trend has not changed. Now more than ever, methods, techniques, and treatments meant to keep that “youthful glow” proliferate everywhere. As it is the most tell-tale sign of getting old, anti-aging skin products and services account for billions of dollars spent in the hopes of delaying the onset of skin aging.

Unfortunately, many continue to be misinformed into buying commercial brand lotions, creams, and soap that promise anti-aging properties. What these products actually deliver is a synthetic product full of synthetic ingredients. Actually the only way to avoid using the unknown concoctions is to make them yourself. Cebulea teaches you how in our member’s area. Read more about it HERE.

It is only smart to know just how and why skin ages, over time. In understanding the hows and why skin ages, the correct habits, and treatments can then be developed to keep as much one’s youthful looks for as long a time as possible. A proven skin-nourishing diet and an all-natural skincare regimen will keep your youthful appearance up and make you feel great both in health and compliments.

First off, there are two different reasons why skin ages. There is the intrinsic (internal) aging skin, which is caused by factors within one’s own body, such as genes and body condition; and extrinsic (external) skin aging which is caused by factors outside one’s body, such as sunlight and lifestyle.

Sun exposure

UV rays is the biggest external and environmental reason why skin ages, harmful rays from the sun pass through the atmosphere causing damage to the skin and hampering its ability to repair itself. Over a period of time, a few minutes a day of exposure to ultraviolet rays results in changes to the skin (freckles, age spots, rough skin). An even graver symptom would be the onset of skin cancer. Dermatologists call this effect photoaging skin in reference to the sun’s rays that reduce the production of collagen responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. This is a very good and most important answer to those asking “why skin ages”.

One’s susceptibility to photoaging is determined by the amount of pigment in the skin as well as the frequency and duration one spends under the sun’s rays. Given these factors,fair-skinned individuals and those who spend long periods under the sun stand to have more pronounced effects of photoaging skin compared to those who are darker-skinned and spend more time in the shade.

For anyone the best prevention is to stay out of the sun’s UV rays or at least use plenty of sunscreen of at least SPF15. For those trying to lighten their skin tone can start by staying out of the sun. Now you know what are the main causes of aging skin.

Facial Exercises Create More Wrinkles

Ironically, the routine once prescribed to prevent facial wrinkles is actually one of the causes of the appearance of aging skin and the very thing many tried to avoid. Facial exercises cause the muscles on the face to fold and crease the skin. As the skin’s elasticity decreases, the skin starts to take on the creases more permanently causing deep wrinkles and aging skin on the face.

Effects of Smoking on Aging Skin

Cigarette smoking does not only cause harm to the body internally but externally as well. This is most pronounced with the condition of the skin. Nicotine intake causes changes in the body that speeds up the breakdown of skin cells, among other harmful effects that cause aging skin.

It is common to find that individuals who’ve been smokers for at least a decade look comparably older than those who do not smoke. In addition to wrinkles, yellowish discoloration of the skin has been observed in smokers. However, the good news is that those who have given up smoking show improvements in their skin condition shortly after quitting. The signs of aging skin will inevitably show up on everyone at one point or the other.

Summary: Aging Skin What are the Causes and How to Slow the Effects

Aging Skin What are the Causes and How to Slow the Effects

So don’t just sit back and allow your predestined biological time clock starve your body without an educated defense on your part. You can nourish your health back and your skin will respond. What you need to know about fake vitamins and how really to keep collagen levels up and the elasticity of your skin will make you one of the lucky few! Click on the image at right or top left to receive our guide that explains what you’ve been told and may believe is not actually true due to the FDA allowing empty vitamins to used my the mass producers that destroy the real nature vitamins with heat from homogenization and sterilization. Discover the¬†rarely told truth that can and will change your health and appearance from this day forward.

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