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All you really need is a teaspoon measure and your favorite lotion/cream

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What to Look for When Buying “Kojic Acid Powder” (and to beware of)

  • Appearance: off-white tan needle-like crystals.
  • WARNING: Stay away from the pure white powder as that is an indication that it “IS THE CHEAP STUFF” and has diminished skin whitening properties due to an inferior manufacturing process!
  • Find a long term user that can offer support. Lea has used kojic acid for over 18 years. Have a question just ask and get the answers FAST!
  • Buy from an experienced seller that includes mixing and usage instructions that were produced and written from personal experience and not from hearsay or plagiarism.
  • Only buy from a source that turns over their kojic acid stock regularly. The fresher it is the more effective it is!
  • Price? Many sellers offer a cheap price with free shipping, (usually a pure white powder) this will be your most expensive purchase due to NO results, not to mention the wasted time that leaves you with a false experience of this otherwise safe and effective product.

Beware when buying kojic acid powder from a source that does not provide a certificate of analysis. It should state the analysis results of at least 99.5% pure and gives the manufacture and expiration dates. The COA also shows percentages of unwanted ingredients to the millionths and if it passes or not. 99.5% pure says it does but the COA gives the break down and the date the analysis was done.

There is a lot of expired very low quality “minus 99%” being unloaded to unknowing buyers. Sometimes unknowingly by the sellers themselves due to their lack of knowledge or ability to handle and store kojic acid properly. So who you buy from makes it a quality purchase or a gamble!

So don’t gamble, trust us as your supplier. We deliver a real quality product that includes real service. You will be so happy with the knowledge that you will gain when you receive our complete package. Includes real service after the sale in that you can ask Lea personally any questions that you may still have.(Lea actually enjoys helping, unlike uneducated sellers)

How Fresh Is Our Kojic Acid?

We are based in the USA and order “Kojic Acid Powder” direct from the manufacture who packages and seals our kojic acid at their facility the day of manufacture to insure freshness. We pay extra for this as our agreement with certain manufacture. So when we order kojic acid we get that days product, analyzed and packaged so it is shipped to us and we have fresh kojic acid that is less than 5 days from being manufactured. Then we store in a temperature and humidity controlled 100% dark environment and replenish our stock every 2 months or less due to our national and international sales volume. You will not find a fresher more effective kojic acid powder and products made from it on a more consistent basis than what we supply.

About Kojic Acid (and how it works)

Kojic acid is the safe active ingredient in skin whitening products such as soaps, lotions, creams and ointments that lightens and corrects skin tone and spots due to melanocytes cell damage. That includes freckles, acne scars, age spots, melasma and any skin tone that is uneven or sun damaged. Kojic acid is an all-natural substance discover in the early 1900’s. Then in 1989 kojic acid is rediscovered in Japan for its skin lightening properties for skin care use. Since then it has become one of the leading effective ingredients due to being proven safer than others that have been suspect of being carcinogenic (cause cancer) and others that permanently damage your skins natural rejuvenation process. Kojic acid is now known as a safe alternative that is an effective and proven skin whitening agent that is reversible. (Will not permanently alter your natural skin functions, like many other skin bleaching products do)

What Causes Skin Damage?

Everyone has melanocytes cells that produce “melanin”. Melanin protects the skin from sun burning once built up over time by repeated sun exposure that creates a darker skin pigment (aka suntan) that increases and protects us from sun burn. But melanocyte cells can become damaged if we have too much sun exposure over the years. This is what causes freckles, age spots, blemishes, uneven skin tone and melasma over time for most. There are also conditions that are common even from birth that effect skin tone or produce dark spots.

What is Melasma?

Over productive melanocytes cells are the cause of melasma, a darkening of sections of skin that are larger than freckles. Melasma affects the face around the cheeks, forehead and in areas around the mouth and jaw. Too much time in the sun is a major cause of melasma as that brings on cellular hypersensitivity. Melasma can also be due to estrogen supplements for women such as birth control pills and also due to *pregnancy. Many that suffer with malasma use various bleaching creams, ointments and soaps that are designed to reduce melasma spots. The active ingredient in most safe products is kojic acid. Everyone should avoid overexposure to the sun but once you develop melasma it is a must to use a strong sun block anytime you go outside for over 5 minutes in the day, even when cloudy, if you’re not covered completely. *(Always ask your doctor before using any skin whitening / bleaching product while pregnant.

Skin Rejuvenation and Kojic Acid

How do Kojic acid products work?

Kojic acid is applied topically by incorporating it into a lotion, soap, ointment, etc. to reducethe production of melanin and that reverses the darkening process and evens out skin tone. There is no safe overnight remedy to a lighter even skin tone and kojic acid is not an overnight cure. Any product that gives overnight results has most likely permanently damaged your skin cells and a blotchy irreversible skin tone will more than likely be inevitable. Be safe always research the products you use! Read the report below on “Consider the Safety of the Skin Bleaching Product You Use”

Your skin takes 4 to 8 weeks for a total cellular regeneration of renewed skin layers. This is when with the regular use of a kojic acid product your skin’s production of melanin is reduced and the skin evens out due to the lack of this darkening agent. Consistent kojic acid application manages the damaged melanocyte cells to decrease the over production of melanin and that allows your skin’s dark color to lighten into your evened out and natural lighter color. So your skins rejuvenation cycle is repeated over and over with less of the darkening agent “melanin” each time. Darker and more damaged skin can expect to see improvement sooner than lighter skin tones, but all can expect improvements with continued and consistent use through several skin cell rejuvenation cycles. For best results a skin lightening regimen that consists of exfoliation of dead skin cells and the use of a strong kojic acid soap along with a 1 to 2 percent lotion is recommended. (A suggested skin lightening regimen is included with each order)

The key to using kojic acid is not by using high percentages but in the regular everyday use 2 times per day “morning and/or night” of a 1% to 2% lotion/cream. Once your desired results start to show, try 1 time a day then every other day to maintain your desired skin tone. Adjust your applications accordingly to your personal need and preferred results that you see over time. You may even stop using for a time period to see how your skin will reverse or stabilize; this gives your skin a refresh cycle. You can go back on maintenance or twice a day as you see fit.

Complete mixing, usage and storage instructions are included with product. (How to heat, mix plus everything you need to know about kojic acid powder, how to keep it fresh and how to store your mixed lotions, etc. Also includes conversion tables: GRAMS to TEASPOONS & OUNCES conversions, etc. You will feel confident with our complete instructions that come with every purchase)
Solution of 1% or 2% for lotions and creams should be made. Up to 5% can be used when making soaps due to being left on for only 2 to 10 minutes after shower then rinsed off.

Kojic acid dissolves well in warm/hot creams and lotions as it is water soluble and lotions are typically over 60-80 percent water. Step by step guidance and fast replies to your questions when you contact us for any help you may need.
Our products are stored properly and guaranteed to be the finest quality available at any cost.

ALERT! It has been reported to us that some sellers cut their kojic acid, making it far less than 99% pure to increase their profit. It is Cebulea’s business to guarantee that our kojic acid is the purest and freshest available. We consistently receive feed back from our customers that can tell the difference in our kojic acid and previous purchases from other cheap sellers and thank us for being an honest supplier of the purest top grade kojic acid.

So who you buy from makes it a quality purchase or a gamble!

NOTE: Shipping is via “USPS First Class with Tracking” (Always shipped out in the next outgoing mail.)

Also many customers comment that the information we include makes all the difference in their successful skin whitening regimen and would pay for that alone.

CAUTION: It is important to

Consider the Safety of the Skin Whitening/Bleaching Product You Use

Most people without the patience to research skin whitening/bleaching products just think, “what works the quickest is the best”. If you do not care about your health that makes sense and seems to be the way most of the skin care blog followers comments lean toward. But things to consider are: is it reversible? What is the long term effects? And, does it work in conjunction with my natural skin rejuvenating process or is it radical & disruptive to this process?

So a safe skin lightening active ingredient has to be: 1. reversible (Meaning it will not permanently disrupt skin cell functions) 2. Will not cause bad side effects after long term use or cause cancer. 3. Only limits the skins melanocytes production of melanin and does not destroy the process. See above “How Kojic acid works”
Below are active ingredients in skin whitening / bleaching products that you should be on the look out for to avoid.

WARNING! “Monobenzone” which destroys the melanin producing melanocytes in normal skin and should NOT be used for cosmetic purposes. Is only for patients with vitiligo under a doctors care, but is available for anyone to buy. So unless you want permanent skin damage avoid Monobenzone!

Hydroquinone (synthetic) Controversial carcinogen, banned in many countries. May be the fastest working over the counter active ingredient. Has been known to cause permanent melanocytes damage in high doses. For those that use this type of skin whitening long term, is it worth the risk?

Mequinol is a drug used by itself or in combination with the drug tretinoin in the treatment of liver spots. It is the monomethyl ether of hydroquinone. Mequinol and tretinoin are available only with your doctor’s prescription. Recommended to use only with a doctors supervision, limited short term use. Has been reported to be semi-permanent, suggesting that it can cause irreversible damage to your normal skin rejuvenation. Spot treatment only even with doctors care.



1 POUND / 454 gram

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(Only with this one pound size) We will show you where to buy the finest lotions and creams by the gallon (or 55 gallons) and label ready jars & bottles at wholesale prices. Just mix and fill any 2, 4 or 8 ounce sizes that will make them ready for your label that you can print on plain paper cut out and apply with 2 inch clear tape for a water proof professional look.

We also include 2 “Kojic Acid Information Guides” 1 for your “premixed lotion” sales that you will include with your lotions and creams! And 1 to include with your “pure kojic acid powder” sales that includes mixing and conversion instructions and the “Certificate of Analysis” (COA) for the current batch, give this one only if you choose to sell “pure kojic acid powder”. Just copy the appropriate info sheet to include with your product, makes your sales easy and professional.

Mixing your own is the only way to be assured you have the freshest and safest kojic skin lightening lotions & creams. And you will be able to offer the same custom mixed lotions to grateful family and friends at a better price than they can buy anywhere while you still make great part time profits. Or also include the option to sell in powder form so your customers can mix there own. Either way you make $ and they save $.

And you will never be alone, due to our included “Lifetime Q&A Support” with any order!

Our kojic acid powder one pound size is for the home crafts person that wishes to save the most for themselves on skin care whitening and have the option to sell to friends, family and more.

Just choose the 1 pound size from the drop down menu above and the additional information below will be included


About us: We are craftsmen and RVers that manufacture and travel to shows and sell to local and nationwide customers. We have a network of family and friends located in Tennessee, South Dakota, Washington and Florida that support each other in buying power and bartering to support our nomad lifestyles. All of our products are made in Tennessee, South Dakota and Washington and distributed usually from Florida. We buy “kojic acid powder” and cosmetic supplies in bulk to get them at the lowest possible prices from the most reliable & reputable manufactures.

For our kojic acid powder, we sell from our current batch to keep it fresh so we can buy sooner than if we were to use it all for just our own needs. For this reason you will be getting the freshest active kojic acid powder at the best small quantity prices. We manufacture our soap and lotions/creams, etc., to FDA standards for “Labeling” and “Good Manufacturing Practices”


Precautions to take before using a skin lightening product

If you have never used our pure kojic acid product, first test a small area of your skin when it arrives to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the product. Most do not have any reactions if used properly, but over use can cause skin irritation and itchiness so slack off a bit if this occurs. If it is the 99.5% pure “kojic acid powder” that you bought, be sure to dilute it to 1% to 4% and then perform a skin test. (See our website for more information) Always use sun block on exposed skin when in the sun when using kojic acid products!

Don’t put off talking with your health care provider if you have any new changes in dark spots before your use of a skin lightening product. Ask your dermatologist to look at these spots that you plan to remove. If any may be precancerous it may be much more difficult to diagnose later. So before using any skin whitening product it is precautionary to have unusual brown spots or moles on your body to be looked at by a dermatologist. You should always consult with a professional skin care provider for professional advice and treatment. It is not our intention to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.

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