Kid’s Skin Care

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“Guide your kids now into a lifetime of knowledgeable skin care”

Kid's Skin Care

What is and what to do if your child gets any of these. Descriptions and when to see a doctor.

* Hives, Ringworm, Fifth Disease, Chickenpox, Impetigo, Warts, Heat Rash, Contact Dermatitis, Coxsackie virus, Eczema.

There is a whole chapter on ECZEMA and ACNE, how to treat DRY SKIN and HOW TO KEEP YOUR BABY FROM SKIN PROBLEMS AND RASHES.

Be Prepared with the right information!

Kid's Skincare

Table of Contents

Chapter 01 – Teaching Kids to Care for Their Skin

Chapter 02 – Sun Protection for Your Child

Chapter 03 – Common Childhood Skin Problems

Chapter 04 – Dry Skin Remedies for Kids

Chapter 05 – Dealing with Eczema

Chapter 06 – Treatments for Acne

Chapter 07 – Summer Skin Care Tips for Kids

Chapter 08 – Winter Skin Care Tips for Kids

Chapter 09 – Kid Safe Insect Repellents

Chapter 10 – Keeping Baby’s Skin Moisturized


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Kid's Skincare

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