Kojic Acid Works With Your Skins Natural Renewal Process to Lighten It

Kojic acid works by limiting production of tyrosinase, which is necessary to produce melanin.

Kojic Acid Works to Reduce MelaninThis darkening agent called melanin is produced by melanocyte cells and is what darkens skin tone. So sun exposure increases melanin and this darkens your skin “AKA” suntan. Suntan is like a band-aid over your skin to protect it from harmful UV rays. Over exposure to UV rays, acne or other physical skin trauma will damage the skin’s melanocyte cells.

Damaged melanocyte cells randomly over produce melanin and that is the cause of freckles, acne scars, age spots, melasma and any skin tone that is uneven or sun damaged. The more melanin you have, the darker your skin will be overall. Sun exposure increases melanin in all skin tone types and leads to melanocyte cell damage. Dark spots related to melasma and hyper-pigmentation will contain much more melanin than the surrounding healthy skin. Kojic acid works to reduce melanin, so even natural skin tones can lighten to some degree.

Kojic Acid Works on Damaged Skin and Flawless Skin

Even if your skin tone is flawless and you just want to lighten it a few shades kojic acid works beautifully for that. Kojic acid works on healthy spot free skin to evenly cut production of melanin to make an overall lighter skin tone with less melanin. For this reason you have less melanin to protect you from UV rays. You will need to use a sunscreen of at least 15spf (blocks 93% UVB rays) or a 30spf (blocks 97% UVB rays)

With each order we include information that helps you understanding how kojic acid works and how your skins natural renewal cycle works. This will help you understand that kojic acid works by NOT chemically bleaching your skin but how kojic acid works with your skins natural renewal process that takes 4 to 8 weeks.

You can’t speed your skins natural renewal up and so regular everyday use is the key “NOT THE STRENGTH” of the percentage that you make your lotions. Studies have shown that 1/2% to 1% kojic acid is effective and is recommended. Also the lowest effective percentage is best to avoid skin irritations as that is the main side effect of kojic acid. (about 1 in a 1,000 contact us about this).

Each cycle that your skin goes through your skin tone will become lighter while kojic acid works to blend and cut any dark spots and even out your skin tone. This is due to the continued blocking of “melanin” production and will even out due to the lack of this darkening agent.

Everyone is different and skin lightening will vary. Sometimes depending on the person it may take several skin regeneration cycles. Some with very dark and damaged skin tones have reported that they can see changes in 2-3 weeks. Skin cells die and renew daily so changes start and continue every day. A cycle means that all the billions of cells have renewed with less “melanin” that darkens your skin tone.

It is true that you cannot speed up your skin’s natural renewal cycle but by following a proper skin lightening regimen that keeps your skin healthy and free of dead cells will show your new skin at its best and it will just keep getting better. Included with each order is our exclusive “Skin Lightening Progress and Suggested Regimen” guide that shows the proper steps in achieving the best results for a more beautiful skin tone.

Kojic acid works and it is reversible. Stay away from other skin whitening/bleaching agents that can cause damage to your skin’s natural renewal process that may result in an unrecoverable “PERMANENT uneven blotchy complexion”.

Also please read our report on “Safe Skin Whitening / Bleaching – Know The Facts” at the top menu under “About Kojic Acid“.

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