Mix Kojic Acid Powder Into Commercial Lotions for Optimum Effectiveness

To mix kojic acid into an already made commercial lotion it is important not to over heat.

All soaps and lotions require some heat in the manufacturing process. But getting them too hot will destroy the enzymes, vitamins and the properties of the lotion. To mix kojic acid powder to an already made lotion, heating (warming) works to dissolve kojic acid faster. This makes it a bit watery so it is easier to work with. When you mix kojic acid into a pre-made lotion that will give it skin whitening properties. The trick is to know the limit that you can heat your premade lotion. You want all the ingredients to stay effective, but want the kojic acid to mix and dissolve quickly.

How to Mix Kojic Acid into LotionOver-heating will also harm the preservative system

This is a reason why a re-heated lotion or cream will become dark brown and become contaminated faster, shortening the shelf-life as overheating will destroy the preservative.

If you fear that you may over-heat your lotion then fill your sink and stand your lotion container in hot tap water. When it becomes watery it is hot enough.

Caution: Using a microwave oven is tricky as it is very easy to over-heat small quantities of lotion. Microwaves heat unevenly! So to use this method use short durations of 10 – 20 seconds. Stir between cycles until temperature is a uniform 100F – 110F (38C – 43C).

Kojic Acid Interacts with Iron Content

Another reason and probably the most common one for your lotions turning brown is due to kojic acid interacts with any iron “fe” content in the base lotion. Making your lotions from scratch is the best way to make an all natural lotion that will have a long self-life and no color issues. In our upcoming member’s area, we teach step by step how to create products with long shelf lives that have the right ingredients in the right amounts to avoid color or contamination issues.

Adding Kojic Acid to Pre-Made Lotions

If you make pre-made lotions into skin whitening lotions like this often. Then you could use a preservative and add .5 percent during cool down when below 100F – 38C to reinforce a long self life. (We use Linatural from Organic Creations in our made from scratch products. It is certified for use in organic products and is paraben free).

When mixing kojic acid we consider 110F – 43C max. But staying closer to 100F – 38C or under is better. Even if your lotion stays gritty from under-heating after stirring well, it will completely dissolve in a day or two. Just shake a couple of times a day if this is the case, as kojic acid powder is water-soluble. (This usually does not occur unless too much kojic acid powder is used).

Step by step guide to mixing kojic acid powder:

  1. Empty lotion into suitable double boiler pan or microwavable container (Glass Pyrex works for either). Or just let a glass mixing bowl stand in hot tap water (takes longer). No double boiler? The hot water bath method would be a large enough pan of water on a burner that you can place your heat-resistant lotion container into. Allow the hot water to come just above the halfway point. Place a washcloth on bottom of hot water. Or use a slow cooker to warm water and place your lotion container in that. We teach both everything but the microwave method when making from scratch.
  2. Heat lotion while stirring, so it heats uniformly, until watery @ 100F – 110F Fahrenheit = 38C – 43C Celsius MAX (Do not add kojic acid powder yet)
  3. Remove lotion from the heat source
  4. Add and mix kojic acid while stirring until dissolved, you may use a stick blender (if your container is deep enough to submerge blender head) for just a few seconds if you wish. Keep blender submerged and pulse to avoid sucking air into the lotion. When you mix kojic acid into lotions in large quantities a stick blender is ideal. But when mixing small amounts you may choose to use a whisk or spoon. In any case, mixing lotion that is under-heated may stay slightly gritty but kojic acid is water-soluble and will completely dissolve in a day or two without re-heating.
  5. Pour lotion or cream back into the container while still liquid (This is where heating to the upper limit makes this easier to work with). A small funnel may be needed. Keep top off until cooled to avoid condensation.

Mix kojic acid powder in the following amounts to your lotions.

(NOTE: Do not add above 2% to your lotion. It is not the higher strength/percentage of kojic acid, it is the everyday application that makes kojic acid effective. Plus high percentages can cause skin irritation in long-term use requiring you to stop your daily regimen. 2% is normal, use 1% if you have sensitive skin)

8oz lotion

  • 5 grams = 2 level teaspoons. Add to 8oz for 2.16% lotion
  • 2.5 grams = 1 level teaspoon. Add to 8oz for 1.08% lotion

4oz lotion

  • 2.5 grams = 1 level teaspoon. Add to 4oz for 2.16% lotion
  • 1.25 grams = 1/2 teaspoon. Add to 4oz for 1.08% lotion


Creams and lotions are made up of a high water content usually 50 to 80 percent water and the remainder are oils, additives and an emulsifier that allows oil and water to mix (the difference in creams and lotions is mainly water content, creams being lower in water & higher in oils). When you mix kojic acid powder it dissolves due to the water content and when the lotion is heated first slightly it will dissolve and incorporate faster and helps your lotion to not be gritty from undissolved kojic acid, but if it is a little gritty at first it will eventually dissolve without re-heating.

Making your own lotions from scratch is the best way for longest shelf life and effectiveness. We will be adding guides that teach you how to make your own lotions that are optimized for skin whitening and are super effective when you mix kojic acid in them. Currently, we are updating our website and will add those soon to our member’s area along with 30% off kojic acid prices for members only.

More facts about “Kojic Acid Powder

When you make your lotion from scratch properly by never overheating, the shelf life is over a year with a functioning preservative system.


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122 thoughts on “Mix Kojic Acid Powder Into Commercial Lotions for Optimum Effectiveness”

    • Hi Carmen,
      Yes, those are additives that you can include in many cream and lotion recipes. But it is not recommended to add more than one additive (eg. kojic acid) to an already made lotion or cream.

      Making your own lotions from scratch is the best way to enhance your formulations with additives.

      We will be adding kits to make your own lotions that are optimized for skin whitening. These teach how to make lotions and include the premeasured ingredients and a DVD to show exactly how to make this lotion.

      Currently, we are updating our website and will add those plus a membership area soon that teaches how to formulate lotions, creams, and soaps.

      When you make your lotion from scratch properly and never overheating the shelf life is over a year with a good preservative system. Different recipes that you formulate in the proper percentages can incorporate various additives to enhance your skincare product that makes it your own.
      Hope this helps

  1. Hey could I add kojic acid powder to my klairs facial toner
    It has water listed as the first ingredient
    And would there be any need for heating it?

  2. Thanks so much I’ve learnt a lots here, God bless you, please I want to know something, can I combine kojic acid powder, glutathione powder, Snow White powder ND alpha arbutin powder together? Thanks

    • No I would not advise that. Pick one but I only recommend kojic acid powder as being the safest and most effect at 1% or 2%. Higher percentages or mixing with more then one you will run the risk of contact dermatitis

    • I just got my 5gram kojic acid powder and want to mix it with my fair and white 500gram lotion and also add the F&W serum. Is this advisable.

      • Hi Tomi, Looks like the lotion you are referring to has hydroquinone in it. Are you thinking that the more skin whitening agent in the lotion make it better. That is not correct, it is the long term use not the potency of the lotion. So no I do not recommend adding kojic acid to a hydroquinone product. You would risk contact dermatitis and hydroquinone has a high risk of dangerous side effects and is banned in most countries. Kojic acid is the safest skin whitening ingredient available. We are coming out with a make your own lotion from scratch that will teach how to make lotion and includes all the hard to find ingredients and where to buy everything wholesale for future needs. More on that later. Be safe follow the instruction that came with your kojic acid and use it morning and night at 1% or 2% any higher potency and you risk unpleasant skin conditions. Thank you, Lea

  3. Please help me, after watching some YouTube videos, I purchased koji acid and alpha arbrutin and mixed them together, 1tsp each, the very day I applied it, my skin started to irritate and since then it has gotten worst. It looks really bad, am itching now as am writing. What do I do?

    • Hi Corrina, STOP using that immediately! You do not mention if you diluted that into a lotion at 1% to 2%. And if you did mixing the two together may be too harsh to avoid “contact dermatitis” (which sounds like you have from applying a too strong solution). I would suggest that you wash the area and apply vitamin E and aloe vera gel to the affected areas. To help with the itching you may want to visit your local pharmacy and buy an anti-itch skin ointment and a menthol or peppermint ointment. There are many herbal salves and ointments I could recommend but I know you want something now. Keep in mind that it is the everyday use of a 1% or 2% lotion that works not the strength. Our instructions that come with every order teaches the safe way to use kojic acid.

      When you are healed you may wish to order our kojic acid and not mix any other agent with it as our kojic acid is all you need and start with the 1% version. We include more information then other suppliers and include how to mix it at 1% or 2% and how much to add into your favorite lotion sizes to be safe and avoid “contact dermatitis”. You may want to wait and purchase our instructional video and ingredient package that shows how to make your own lotion. You can save by making your own lotions for the rest of your life and your lotion will be the best skin whitener available. It will be named “Aloe Vera Olive Oil Kojic Acid Lotion DIY” it will contain 6 ingredients minus the aloe vera and olive oil which you can buy locally. Also list all wholesale suppliers for all ingredients. It will include secrets that many professional lotion manufactures do not know or will not tell, like how to keep your lotions from turning brown and what you need to do if you want to sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc. And it will teach how to make them safe so what happened to you will not happen to you again and you will feel confident that “contact dermatitis” will not happen to your customers if you choose to sell any.
      Let me know if you need any more help.
      Thank you, Lea

    • Hi Omolewa, Yes I am sorry for the delay we had planned opening much sooner but so much information is added to it and few personal issues have delayed its opening. It is currently being worked on and I will add your email to the list that will inform you and include a 20% off coupon. Any others that wish to be added on the list please request by using our contact form and not in this area, Thank you, Lea

  4. Waaaaw this site is really educative I’m privilege to come across it keep on with the good deeds. Please how/where can I get this kojic acid, and also I’ll love it if you’ll be able to help me out on how I can mixed my lotion.
    I’ve lost my fair complexion due to change of environment and am finding it difficult to get my complexion back. I’ll really appreciate it if you help me out and I’ll also love to be your member too so I need to be enlighten the more.
    Thanks and may God grand you more knowledge so we can learn from you the more. Much love.

    • Hi Sandra,
      Every kojic acid order comes with complete instructions on how much and how to add it to your Favorite lotion. Just click on the kojic acid image in the right column on any page at https://www.cebulea.com
      In our soon to open membership, we teach how to make lotions, creams, perfume, infused oil to enhance your recipes, All about what herbs are best to add or infuse into your oil, holistic salves, tinctures etc and the best wholesale sources to buy your ingredients at, in 26 countries, the largest being the USA that many will ship worldwide.
      Thank you, Lea

    • Hi Riounke,
      Kojic acid is only soluble in water. You could make a cream that is 80% virgin coconut oil 5% emulsifying wax and 15% distilled water. We teach how to do this in our soon to be opened membership area. But it will not dissolve in oil alone.
      thank you, Lea

    • Hi Anne,
      Yes I will add your email to our “Membership notification list” As soon as the member’s area is ready we will send you a notice to your email
      Thank you, Lea

  5. Please I recently made my whitening lotion and I dissolve my kojic acid in my oil I never knew that I have to use water instead… Now it seems as if the kojic acid is not well dissolve in my base cream… I want to know if it still safe for me to use it or I should discard it and I added Snow White powder into it as well…. Thanks ma’am.

    • Hi, Complete information and instructions are sent with every order that we sell. Most lotions and creams are made up of mostly water. It is best to make your own lotions and creams from scratch our upcoming member’s area will teach how to make your lotions, creams, perfumes, infused oils, herbal study, holistic study, and skin care routines.

  6. This site is very helpful. I really want to join as a member. Thank you very much for all the great info. I am really learning alot from the questions and answers on this site.

  7. God bless you for this,Please can I add citric acid and kojic acid powder to my bony butter,I’m making Shea butter and mango butter and I want to turn it to a lightening body butter.please can I use them?

    • Hi Favour,
      Probably not, Kojic acid is only soluble if your recipe contains water. So if your recipe contains water than kojic acid can dissolve in that formulation.

    • Hi Kolo,
      There is a pure white kojic acid made in China but it is an inferior formulation. The best kojic acid has a light tan color. We have two sources that we buy our kojic acid from in the USA that manufactures top quality kojic acid and it is light tan in color.
      Always ask your supplier what color their kojic acid is, if they say pure white then avoid them and find one that sells the light tan color and always ask for the certificate of analysis (COA) that shows the date of manufacture with a purity of over 99% and it will give the details of what is in the other 1% or less.
      Our current batch is 99.78% pure and is a very light tan color. And the lower the iron content in that 1% the better because that is what will cause your kojic acid product to turn brown.
      In our upcoming membership, we show you how to neutralize any iron so your products do not turn brown due to oxidation with the iron content.
      But some enhancements color is brownish. But for the kojic acid product, you make with our instructions will remain the same color as the day it was made. Enhancement colors vary so you can pick what color of the enhancement for skin lightening that you like.

  8. God bless you lea you don’t know how happy I am today to come across your site you’ve been of Grate help not just to me but to so many people out here I just want to appreciate and thank you .and I will like to know how to join your group if there’s and how it will cost to learn how to make whitening and lightening lotion cream from scratch

    • Thank you Mercy,
      Our upcoming membership is way overdue now because of some hosting difficulties and lack of qualified individuals to hire and so it is mostly me and my husband that are putting the membership area together.

      In hindsight, we should have just put up a skin whitening membership to make kojic acid lotions, creams, and soaps. But we decided to make a membership that teaches everything. And how to go about reading our researched information on all the aspects of truly making your own creations by learning everything from 1.Intro Lotions Creams 2.Intro Soap Making 3.Intro Natural Perfumes and your unique product scents 4.Intro DIY Infusions to make your oils enhanced with what you learn in the next section 5. Herbal Study 6.Holistic Study 7. Intro Skincare teaches you your skin type and the routine for it, even a skin care diet is included 8. Ingredients where to buy everything you need at wholesale prices, what USA companies ship international and sources in 28 other countries 9. New, is a section that lists in order everything that is added or changed in the membership starting with the newest additions. You can also use the drop-down index to search any category.

      We have also included a “recipe calculator” that will show you how much of each ingredient to add to your recipe. And we have included a “percentage calculator” that you can change any recipe you find online and convert it to percentages so you can use the “recipe calculator” to make it easy to calculate how many ounces or grams to add to copy that recipe. We have also included a forum for our members to ask a question and interact and we will also help where necessary. Plus a helpdesk to ask us questions directly that may not be appropriate for the forum.

      So between myself and my husband, it became a big project. My husband Rod is the webmaster also, besides knowing all there is about our way of making the simple recipe to making the most enhanced recipes that our members will learn to put together themselves! Copy and practice the recipes we give you but what we teach is how to learn what each herb has a proven use for over the centuries and the many additives that can enhance any recipe in different ways. But through some unfortunate incidents, we have been delayed. But when you see our website change that will mean the best membership for all the things you read about above will be open to join.

      We have joined other courses that teach similar how to make lotions but they charge as much as $800 a course or $2000 to $3000 for a for all there course that does not include what we do. I even paid $500 for a set of PDFs that told you to boil most everything in your recipe! Well, I insisted on getting my money back on that one, and did!

      Our membership will start at $49.95 for the first-month registration then just a $10 monthly maintenance fee. Also, we will offer a one-time payment for a 1-year term or a 3-year term.
      Those that ask to be put on our notification list using our contact form link found on above menu will be notified with a 20% off coupon for the first-month registration or on the full 1 or 3-year terms.

      We expect another month or two for the grand opening. we currently have some testers working inside the membership to make sure the parts that are finished work properly.

    • NO! Taking collagen by mouth or by putting it on your skin does nothing but waste your money and time. The only way to increase collagen is by learning a good skin care diet and alternately via topically using lotions and creams that have the ingredients that support your bodies ability to produce it. It is a big subject that is addressed in the upcoming member’s area. Stay away from any lotions, creams, etc that claim to contain collagen that increases your skin’s collagen because that is not possible. There are diets and body creams that can aid your body in the production of collagen but collagen can be increased only by the bodies natural collagen production which can be enhanced by diet and topically by ingredients that support the bodies function of collagen production.

  9. Hi how to mix kojic acid for soap making
    5lb cold process method
    Or 5lb melt and pour method

    What is the kojic measurements for best results in soap ??

    • Kojic acid will mix well with any lotion that lists water (aqua) as the top ingredient or anything made of water like tea, milk, juice, etc.

  10. Hi..plz i mixed kojic acid into my cream nd it turned brown.wil affect d effectiveness of d cream nd also hope it is safe to use on my body cos right naw am scared to rub it on my body…thnks alot..ify

    • Hi, no it will not affect the effectiveness. Turning brown is the result of a reaction of kojic acid has with the iron content of the lotion you added it to. in our member’s area we go over extensively on the proper ingredients to use when making lotions, creams, Soaps and more from scratch. We also recommend an ingredient prevent the interaction between kojic acid and iron. We also give a whitening ingredient that can be used if the enhanced infused oil we show you how to make, is on the darker or brown color, along with a list of natural colors you may want to use.

  11. Thanks a lot for this. How does one join your members area. I am really interested. I am a newbie in the world of soap and cream making

    • Hi and thank you for your interest we are very excited about our upcoming members area where members can interact and learn everything you need to enhance lotions and creams, make your own aromatherapy perfumes, infuse and enhance courier oils, learn what herbs to use in lotions and creams and holistic remedies and basic skincare diets and skincare regimens for all skin types. but we have run into some delays but are expecting it become active very soon. Our website as you see it now will change and it will be obvious how to join.

    • if you want it to mix right away and completely heating works best. All that is required for that is the temperature is near 100F = 38C. Or just add it and shake it every day, what matters most is that your lotion has a high water content. Put a few inches of hot water in your kitchen sink and let the sealed lotion bottle rest in it until heated slightly. Put the kojic acid in before or after and shake it before and thoroughly after it is heated in this bath.

  12. Hello I’m from India ….I wanted to ask you can I add essential oil in my diy Konica acid recipe? Plus I’m using Johnson baby lotion for this is it okay?? One last question can I order pure Komi. Acid powder delivers in India?? Thanks sue

    • I guess your spell changed kojic acid that can be added to any lotion or cream that has water as the main ingredients. We only ship within the USA but we do show you how to use a courier service that can give you a USA address then they will forward any product you buy in the USA to your address in any other country. I will add your email to our membership notification list. Thank you, Lea.

  13. I would like to attend your seminar that teaches how to formulate with kojic acid! Pls let me know when where and how much that will cost. Ty

    • Hi, we will not be offering a seminar at this time. What we are sponsoring is a member’s area. There will be a low one-time registration and then a small $10 per month to keep your registration active and to receive all the monthly recipes and eBooks that will continually be for our member’s. Along with a member’s FORUM where you can ask those personal need to know questions or to get help any problems you may run into.

      What is taught in our upcoming membership area: “Make your own lotions” “creams” “infused oils” “Natural perfumes” “herbalism” “holistic medicines” and “skincare regimens for all skin types”.

      “NOTE” I will add more about this and link it to here, There are some important points to be on the lookout for when shopping for a legitimate online diploma.

    • Yes, kojic acid is much safer than HQ and kojic does not promote skin cancer like HQ can. Plus there are so many additives to include in a skin whitening formulation with kojic acid. Our coming member’s members area outlines formulas that compliment supporting skin-whitening properties, along with moisturizing ingredients that the formulations you can create and make your own are practically endless. Thank you , Lea

  14. hi ate this is so helpful thankyou poo ,can an exfoliating lotion containing glyco acid 10% and lactic acid 5% be mixed with kojic acid ,vit B,alpha arbutin ,MHSpowder ,kojic acid dipamitate who should it be done to be effective as awhitening lotion .please reply

    • Hi, I would advise you to keep your exfoliating lotions and skin whitening lotions separate. Use your glyco or lactic acid to make your exfoliating lotions. After they have remained on long enough to do the job, you may wash them off. Then make up a super moisturizing lotion that you can add 2% kojic acid too. Then you don’t have to think about washing the moisturizer off. Just add more when moister is needed. Remember to avoid kojic acid lotion in direct sunlight. thank you, Lea

    • Yes, but heating (no higher than 110F degrees) speeds up the dissolving process to make it a smooth lotion or cream, etc. Without heating, it may take 1 to 3 days with shaking every few hours. Lea

  15. Hie… i would like to know if i can use one of these lotions to mix with my kojic acid powder
    1 Neutrogena lotion (but it contains hyaluronic)
    2 Dove lotion
    3 Nivea soft cream

    • Hi, you will find out how important a proper diet that nourishes your skin along with proper external skin care via, targeted lotions, creams, aromatherapy. herbal treatments, holistic methods and scheduling the skincare regimen that is made exclusively just for you. We teach all in our upcoming member’s area. Thank you, Lea

  16. Great site!.

    Prior to coming accross your site-
    I have already mixed a big batch of body butter (shea butter) with Kojic acid Dip and skin white msh and other oils. Does not look like anything is improving.
    Now can I mix regular kojic acid with E Wax and add preservative to same batch?

    • Hi, Kojic acid can be added to any cream or lotion, when water is listed either in the 1st or 2nd ingredient that makes up the commercial lotion that you purchased.

      The preferred and best way to make the most effective skin lightener is to make your lotion from scratch. In our upcoming members’ area, we teach several ways to infuse many oils with herbs that also have skin whitening properties with the additive of kojic acid to make it a super whitening formula.

      There are many complex recipes that are top of the line skin whitening. Including additives that stabilize kojic acid to keep it from turning brown.

      It will be a very large member’s area that teaches the following: how to make your own lotions, creams, infused oils, perfumes, herbalism, holistic medicines, and step by step skin care and how to use your self-made recipes for natural skincare. (All with many variations) And we also teach holistic remedies for the treatment of skin problems and conditions.

      We have had plans for this and it is 85% complete. But My husband “Rod” is our webmaster (Takes care of adding recipes and virtually proofreads my work:) thanks, hubby your the best!) and for the last 2 years has suffered from a heart condition. I am happy to report that Rod’s health has improved and work has resumed. I “Lea” for one, am very excited that my husbands health has stabilized and progress has resumed and we look forward to opening this one of a kind “Cosmetic Learning Center” in the near future. But my sincere apologies are extended for these unforeseen problems that now seem to under control. Thank you! Lea, P.S. knowing what is in this educational membership, I am anticipating the grand opening ASAP.

    • Hi, Mix 4 level teaspoons kojic acid to 500ml = 17 ounces lotion. That would be 1 and one-third level tablespoons or about 9.5 grams kojic acid. Thanks, Lea

  17. Hello.
    God bless you.
    This is so helpful you have no idea. I get upset when my cream turn brown and I wonder what the cause was.
    I want to ask what preservatives do you recommend I use for creams and also can I use glycerin or rose water to desolve my Kojic acid instead of heating my cream?
    Also to ask how many table spoon of Kojic accid to use on a 500 ML cream. As I do not understand those % Or grams you wrote 🙈🙈

    • Hi ,

      Making your own lotions and skin care products from scratch is really easy and very enjoyable when you know how. That is why we are making step-by-step guides that teach anyone how to make their own skin care products at home.

      We teach methods that maintain the effectiveness of natural and organic ingredients. We find it very rare to find how-to guides and recipes online or even in books and ebooks that teach the proper way to formulate natural skin care products that remain effective.

      We teach with over 19 years of experience and hold diplomas in “Natural Skin Care Formulation” “Advanced Natural Skin Care Formulation” “Fragrance Consultant” “Herbal and Holistic Skin Care Formulation”

      Soon (Within 30 days) we will be opening a membership that teaches how to make your own lotions, creams, infused oils, perfumes, herbalist and holistic medicines.

      All of the modules tie into each other and even teach how to enhance specialty products (Like skin whitening lotions and soaps) and how to keep them from turning brown. There are several steps in this formulation, so they will only be taught within the membership area where members will learn the different aspects of creative formulations.

      NOTE: You can order kojic acid now but we only ship within the USA. Membership will be open for worldwide signups with the understanding that we do not ship physical products internationally.

      Members with USA addresses get 30% off normal “kojic acid” prices.

      Some of our biggest kojic acid buyers are located in International countries. These buyers set-up an International courier service so that they have a USA address to ship to allowing them to shop for any USA products online. USA based courier services receive packages at their USA address and forward them to their clients’ International address. URL examples of these services: http://shipito.com/en/?countrycode=US | http://myinternationalshopping.com/usa-address | Nigeria shipping service: http://usfreightforwarder.com/mail-forwarding-nigeria-africa/

      Thank you

  18. Hi, thanks for the info. Please what are your thoughts on kojic diplamitate? Does it work like kojic acid powder and i also read online that it doesnt turn brown or oxidise like kojic acid. Is it true that when a lotion with kojic acid turns brown it doesnt work again? Thanks

    • Hi I copied this from the reply to “Bang” as it is the same answer:

      “The difference between original kojic acid and dipalmitate kojic acid is that dipalmitate is refined and does not contain as much skin whitening properties, but yes it does not turn as brown as the original without additives to prevent that.

      We recommend the original kojic acid and to follow handling procedures. Also by adding a couple of natural additives to prevent the oxidation of kojic acid with iron will make a more effective skin whitening lotion or cream than the more expensive dipalmitate version.”

  19. Hai
    I have been using the kojic powder for a month now and so far so good, today I was doing the mixture again to a new bottle of lotion by reheating. The lotion has become watery, is it possible for me to put it in the fridge for it to be alit thick or does it thicken on its own?
    Please help

    • When you heat the lotion up to 100F it does become a bit more liquid and makes it easier to add and mix your kojic acid. Yes, the lotion will thicken back up when it cools and putting it in the frig will speed that up. Be careful not to over heat to a maximum of 110f.

    • There are a few factors that can contribute to turning your lotions brown. The most common is the interaction with iron content of the lotion you added it to. We go over the proper procedure when teaching how to formulate a skin whitening product in our up-coming member’s area as there is a list of factors to follow and to avoid.

  20. Hi, i love what u r doing, thsnk you the soltions u are providing us here. Can i add kojic powder, sepi white and Giga white in one lotion or cream base. 2. Must i heat up the lotionor cream before turning in kojic acid?.. Thank u so much

    • You could add those but I only recommend 2% of kojic acid for the most effective skin whitening products for long terms use. Over use of skin whitening additives can cause side effects and force you to stop your skin whitening regimen.

      Heating to a warm 100F helps kojic acid powder dissolve in a water based lotion or cream. But if mixed at over room temperature kojic should dissolve completely within 24 hours if you shake it up every few hours.

  21. can i put kojic acid powder in liquid castile soap? also can you tell me the difference between kojic acid and kojic dipalmitate?

    • Yes you can add it to liquid castile soap up to 4%, but I would recommend adding kojic acid to your lotions and creams because kojic is more effective at lower percentages (2%) when added to stay on products.
      The difference between original kojic acid and dipalmitate kojic acid is that dipalmitate is refined and does not contain as much skin whitening properties, but yes it does not turn as brown as the original without additives to prevent that.

      We recommend the original kojic acid and to follow handling procedures. Also by adding a couple of natural additives to prevent the oxidation of kojic acid with iron will make a more effective skin whitening lotion or cream than the more expensive dipalmitate version.

  22. pls I work with litres,kilograms and grams and I would like to know how many grams of kojic acid to use for 200litres of lotion because I do get that Browning effect afterwards and i don’t like it

    • I used our “Recipe Calculator” found in our member’s area (coming soon) to calculate how much kojic acid powder for 2% strength to make one liter of lotion (1000 milliliters = 1 liter). You can multiply this by how many liters you wish to make.
      NOTE: Browning effect which you speak of is usually due to kojic acid interacting with iron content of a lotion. This can cause a temporary staining of the skin. Our member’s area shows how to formulate “kojic acid lotions” that do not turn brown with an additive that prevents this. Use our contact form to request when it is open for registration. Contact Form

      Image of Cebulea's member's calculator results

      • Hello

        I have a similiar problem, with the browning of the cream. Does this affect the shelf life or effectiveness of the cream? How does one stop this from occurring ?

  23. Hi love ur site ,I mixed my body cream with kojic powder and snow white powder but the cream is rising up (swollen ) I don’t knw wat wrong pls enlighten me

    • I do not recommend mixing kojic acid powder with any other skin whitening additives (hydroquinone, arbutin, etc.), as there is no need for anything other than kojic acid to be most effective as the main skin whitening additive. But there are vitamin and herbs that can enhance kojic acid lotions/creams that we teach in our member’s area (coming soon). Use our contact form to request when it is open for registration. Contact Form

  24. hi pls is it okay to mix kojic acid and niacinamide together into my lotion. both were dissolved seprately. please can you let me know if its okay. Thanks

    • Niacinamide is vitamin B3 and is one of the best additives in skin lotions along with vitamin C and some other vitamins and herbs.

      We list the best additives that enhance kojic acid whitening lotions and creams in our member’s area that enhance skin whitening. We do not recommend hydroquinone, arbutin or other main skin whitening additives. But vitamins and herbs can make super whitening lotions and creams formulations that enhance kojic acid properties and are very good for most skin types.

      So yes! Niacinamide is a recommended additive. No need to dissolve separately just add at the end of your formulation or to an already made lotion/cream as they already have enough water to dissolve kojic acid and niacinamide as they are both water soluble.

    • Hi Avalon, It is not recommended to mix more than what you would use or sell in a 2 week or at most 30 day period. If you buy a base or make your lotions from scratch you should add 1% preservative and 2% kojic acid. When mixing 1 gallon lotion at a time that would be 128 ounces of lotion. So 2.56 ounces or 71.68 grams of kojic acid would be 2%. Cut that in half to make a 1% kojic acid gallon of lotion.

      Complete instructions come with each order. Our soon to come members area will have further instructions for making large batch lotions for commercial manufacture. Also when making large quantity keep in mind that many additives will react to any iron content that the base lotion contains.

      Kojic acid is an additive that reacts to iron and that will turn lotions and soaps light to darker brown depending on the amount of iron content of your lotion. An additive added to the formulations we teach in our member’s area will neutralize the iron and prevent lotions from turning brown. Also over heating will cause lotions to turn brown and destroy the preservative system.

      So it is recommended that you test small amounts 4 to 8 ounces to perfect your formulas before making large batches.

      Use our contact form to request notification when member’s area is open for registration. Contact Form
      Thank you

  25. I added KA in melt&pour soap, at 1.5% but the final product is brown. Also I added in an all ready make cream without heating ,but after few days (4) the cream became yellow.

    • Turning brown or yellow is usually due to kojic acid interacting with iron content of a lotion. Our member’s area shows how to formulate “kojic acid lotions” that do not turn brown with an additive that prevents this. (Member’s area coming soon) Use our contact form to request when it is open for registration. Contact Form

    • Hi,
      Kojic acid powder’s shelf life is over 2 years and can be extended by keeping it in a vacuumed zip bag in a completely dark refrigerated environment.

      Once it is incorporated into a lotion the lotion itself can turn rancid from 1 week to slightly over 1 year depending on the preservative system.
      Thank you

  26. Hi
    I had bought kojic acid powder and when I tried to dissolve in water it become gelatinous , I don’t think an acid behave like this so I am too much worried about the purity ,can you please say what is happening here . is it okay to use kojic acid as a serum by just dissolve it in distilled water ?

    • The only reason that may happen is if you added too much KA powder to too little water. It is imperative that you mix kojic acid at the proper percentage. We include complete instructions with each order. Each new batch of kojic acid we receive I make a 4% solution in 2 ounces of distilled water to test the kojic acid for solubility and have never had this problem and would not sell any that did this. Sounds like improper knowledge and use on your part, follow the directions that come with product and you will NOT have problems. NO I do not recommend that you make a serum with water alone. There are so many benefits of natural ingredients when using an all natural lotion, plus it goes so much further with the spread-ability when using a lotion, it would be such a waste to use that type of mixture. Thank you, Lea

  27. Hi I just saw this and am very interested because I have always wanted to make my own safe lightening cream, and soap.
    Am so looking forward to the members area.
    But I would like to know if it is safe for children between the ages of 4-8 to use kojic acid for skin lightening ?
    This is a great job u guys are doing,please keep it up

    • Hi Noma,
      I do not recommend kojic acid on children (they are not responsible enough to protect themselves from the sun), leave it to their personal choice after they are over 18. If there is any skin health reasons for using kojic acid on children you MUST contact your professional health care provider about that. There are many all natural lotions and soaps you can make at home that will be very beneficial for your whole family that do not have to contain skin lightening properties. Plus you should be making your own natural products for overall health reasons and to avoid the synthetic chemicals from commercial skin care products. Thanks, Lea

  28. Thank you so much for all the good information.
    I make my own body butter with shea butter and verious carrier oils, can i heat my kojic power in lets say my olive oil and add it to the mix.
    Also i use teatree oil any conflicts there with the kojic powder.
    Thank you,
    Keep up the good work

    • Hi Shellie,
      No that probably will not work very well. Kojic acid is not soluble in any oils, it will stay gritty and not incorporate in a recipe that contains all oils. Kojic acid only dissolves completely in water and water based juices, etc.
      What you would need to do is dissolve the kojic acid in distilled water or aloe vera juice, etc. This would require adding an emulsifier like “emulsifying wax” so the water and oil would emulsify. But then by adding liquid to your body butter it will need to used up within days or it will grow bacteria. To preserve it you can add vitamin E T-50 to preserve the oils and you should add one of the natural preservatives that will preserve it for a few months or more.

      If you try to add kojic acid in this way you will need to experiment with very small batches till you perfect your mostly body butter recipe. Or for your kojic acid product you may wish to make a very thick cream with 60-80% oils, 4 to 8% emulsifying wax, with the remainder of a 2% kojic acid of total dissolved in the proper water percentage with a .5 to 1% preservative at 100F degrees.
      Our upcoming member’s area will have tested recipes for this and many more. Use our contact form to request when it is open for registration. Contact Form

      There should be no conflicts with tea tree or any other EO with kojic acid.
      Hope this helps, Lea

  29. hi, if I am to make my lotion from the scratch how do I mix it , do I just pour it into my lotion or I have to mix with water or oil? (2) when do I pour it inside the lotion, is it from the water phase or when I am done mixing the lotion. stil waiting patiently for the member’s area

    • Hi, Kojic acid is soluble in water. You can add it to the water phase or wait until you mix your water and oil and obtain emulsion first, then add it and mix with hand blender. In other words if you have a recipe that is reliable to obtain emulsion you can add it to the water phase. Or if your recipe is at times difficult to achieve emulsion add your kojic acid along with other additives after emulsion. Our members area will go over this and also go over how to keep your formulas from turning brown. Thanks, Lea

  30. I make hot processed soap and have for a while. As I live in Africa there is a demand for Kojic Acid soap by the indigenous people. I have bought Kojic from a reputable company in the States but am glad I’ve found your site. One question though – I have been mixing my dissolved Kojic after the cook – my soap temp is around 170F. Is this acceptable. Also look forward to when your members site is up.

    • Hi, you need to be aware that most all enzymes and natural ingredients and vitamins are destroyed at temperatures above 140F/60C. Even over 120F/49C some natural additives are compromised (Like natural preservatives). The closer you formulate to near 100F-115F/38C-46C when adding natural ingredients the better your end product will retain the active enzymes and vitamins. Consider changing to the cold process when formulating natural ingredients soaps.

      Currently we do not ship outside of the USA but our upcoming members area will have an international/non-shipping option that does not sale but will teach how to formulate natural soap, lotions, creams, ointments, tinctures, infusions and more interesting DIY recipes. Sorry for delaying this member’s area but it is a lot to do for two busy people and time flies by so fast. So bookmark and keep watching.

  31. I’m a soap maker and I would like to make a skin lightening soap with Kojic Acid. I’m keenly following your posts to learn more on how to go about it.

    • Hi, We are working on a member’s area that will have many recipes and teach how to make skin lightening products. Since you are an experienced soap maker you can add kojic acid at 2% to your water or when you add your extra added ingredients and mix as usual with your hand blender. Kojic acid powder is soluble in water.
      Thanks, hope this helps

  32. Hi! Firstly, I love your website! Thanks for all the info! 🙂

    I was wondering if you think it is a good idea to heat organic castille soap and then add kojic powder.
    Also, what about adding it to body creams and applying it? But that is too risky, because it would be on your skin for way over the time limit it should be when compared to the soap.
    Or what about, when you add kojic powder to any liquid body soap, without preheating it, as it is already liquid and the powder is water soluble?

    Would appreciate any help and info regarding this! Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Q. I was wondering if you think it is a good idea to heat organic castille soap and then add kojic powder. —
      A. This is known as “Soap Rebatching” Search that and you will find how-to recipes for it.

      Q. Also, what about adding it to body creams and applying it? But that is too risky, because it would be on your skin for way over the time limit it should be when compared to the soap. —
      A. We recommend lotions and creams that remain on to be 1% to 2% maximum, soaps that are washed off within 10 minutes can contain up to 5% kojic acid, normally 3 or 4 percent.

      Q. Or what about, when you add kojic powder to any liquid body soap, without preheating it, as it is already liquid and the powder is water soluble? —
      A. It may take several days to completely dissolve. Plus adding kojic acid to liquid soap usually decreases the suds to nearly nonexistent.

      Nothing beats using proven formulas for making your soaps and lotions from scratch for optimum effectiveness. Our soon to come members area will have easy to follow recipes for all of the above.
      Thank you, Lea

  33. Hi I am interested in buying pure kojic acid from you but I am worried that I will not make the lotion right while heating. How will I be sure that I do not overheat the lotion? Do you use a thermometer?

    • We include with every order complete instructions on mixing, heating and usage, with an included suggested regimen.

      Just heat till warm to the touch. If you have a meat or candy thermometer then yes you can use that (100F-115F). You can even fill a sink with hot tap water and let your lotion warm up in that. If you under heat it or add your kojic acid to room temperature lotion, it would only stay a little gritty for a couple of days. If under-heated just shake it daily and it will soon dissolve completely. So under-heating is better then over-heating. Thanks – Lea

    • 1 teaspoon weighs out to be about 2 1/2 grams. So 2 teaspoons equals about 5 grams. We use an accurate calibrated precision scale that weighs down to 1/10 of a gram. Along with research into weights and measures that say the same. These facts confirm that our scales are also correct. When you buy one of our kojic acid packages you always get between .5 to 1 gram over the purchased weight. Thanks, Lea


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