Natural Skin Care Guide For Your Skin Type and Diet

Natural skin care for different skin types and finding the different things that work for you personally

Specifically¬†there is no one shoe that fits all natural skin care regimens. For that reason there are different skin types there are different recipes available for the different skin types. For instance depending on what is your “skin type” is will determine the cosmetic recipe or products you can use for your own personal natural skin care. What works for your skin type may have an adverse reaction on someone else. The general rule of thumb is that the skin type you have on your face may also be your bodies skin type. So likewise you may want to use the same recipe for your skin type on your body as you do on your face. For example if you use products for dry skin on your face you want to use the same type of body products for dry skin.

Find out what your skin type is and how to use natural skin care in this well written informational guide. Keep your skin young by consuming natural recommended foods in addition to natural skin care lotions and creams.

The Natural Skin Care Guide
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: A Little Skin Biology2
Chapter 2: Skin Types – What Type Are You7
Chapter 3: Daily Skin Care For Your Type of Skin11
Chapter 4: Acne 41115
Chapter 5: Other Types of Acne19
Chapter 6: Skin Care for Acne22
Chapter 7: Acne and Scarring29
Chapter 8: You Are What You Eat ‚Äď How Food Affects Your Complexion32
Chapter 9: Nutrition and Your Skin37
Chapter 10: Natural Skin Care Recipes47
Chapter 11: Conclusion56

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Discover Many Natural Skin Care Recipes with ingredients found in your kitchen and local farmers market or grocery store.

Undoubtedly healthy skin reflects your health both internally and externally. Therefore we know the more natural a product chances are the better it is for our bodies. The same is true for things we use topically. The less chemicals that are used in our skin product choices the better it is for our health both internally and on our skin. For instance since our skin is porous when we use things that are not natural they seep into our systems causing toxicity and ultimately free radicals which cause cellular damage. There are several natural things we can use on our skin to help it stay in optimum youthful condition.

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  1. Very informative website. Thanks a million for your good work.
    Please keep it up.
    I would like to start my own range of products but need some training on how to Mahe lotions, cream,serum, soap, oil… Do you offer training for that?
    Kindly advise.

    • We are putting the finishing touches on our member’s area that teach; 1. Lotion & cream production, with enhanced kojic acid skin whitening section. 2. Soap making, with enhanced kojic acid skin whitening section. 3. Making your own all-natural Perfumes, with essential oil properties, and how to mix them with 3 or more essential oils, explaining, Base EOs – Middle EOs – Top EOs with guidelines for making your own unique natural fragrances for both smell and topical holistic skincare. 4. How to infuse herbs into carrier oils for enhancing products from #1- #2 -#5 – #6 -#7. | #5 Herbal study – Find herbs that have been used for centuries to treat skin conditions and enhance your skins natural abilities to for anti-aging and wrinkle-free. And the ones that can treat enhance and heal skin conditions. #6 Holistic study. How to make Holistic tinctures, salves, serums and most concoctions to treat skins conditions. #7 Natural Skincare, Discover your skin types and what is the best recipes and regimen for you and what products to create for yourself and your customers. Use the contact form to request when this informative membership will open.

  2. I wanna join ur member’s area to learn more or cold and hot process lightening black soap and also lotions and creams. Keep up the good work. Thanks.


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